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The regulation

From the summer of 2022 onwards, FPR introduces a radically new system of marketing Fertilisers. The regulation drastically changes and improves the options available to manufacturers and importers of fertilizers.

A gamechanger

The FPR radically changes the landscape for how fertilising products can be sold and traded within the EU. Whether its introducing the concept of CE Marking, through a completely new system of classification, certification and market access, or by its recognition of PFC 6 Plant Biostimulants. 


The FPR's scope covers anything that can be defined as a 'fertilising product'. The FPR defines a fertilising product as:

a substance, mixture, micro-organism or any other material which:

is applied on plants or their rhizosphere or on mushrooms or their mycosphere,or constitutes the rhizosphere or mycosphere, either on its own or mixed with another material


• has as a purpose:

to provide plants or mushrooms with nutrient or

improve their nutrition efficiency.

Fertilising products include fertilisers (which provide plants with nutrients), but also other categories of products (such as biostimulants, inhibitors, liming materials or growing media).

### NLF: A new type of market access

FPR 2019/1009 is a European legislative act which is part of the 'new legislative framework'.

The 'new legislative framework' is an essential component of the European single market, EU Decision 768/2008/EC and  Regulation 765/2008/EC form the essential cornerstones of the framework.

The NLF is also the framework that provides for Harmonised Standards, CE Marking, Notified Bodies, and market surveillance authorities. As a result of this framework manufacturers benefit from all precedents of this legislative framework.

Optional harmonisation

Contrary to most other products harmonisation measures in Union law, the FPR does not replace national legislations and does not prevent non-harmonised fertilising products from being available on the single market in accordance with national legislations.

As a result you can continue to use national legislation to market products if possible.

Ever changing

The FPR is continously in development and being amended and improved. Whether its through adding new micro-orgaisms or CMC's or correcting potential issues in the regulation the European Commission has taken an active role in ensuring the regulation remains fit for purpose. So even though you may not be compliant yet or it may not fit your purpose yet, future changes may resolve these issues. 

The latest version of the FPR is usually found in the consolidated version which can be found online but do note that the consolidated version may not contain all the latest changes, always ensure you are aware of all delegated acts passed for FPR to ensure you are always compliant.

If in doubt, send us an email and we will be happy to help!