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EFCI Register presents at the IVA Biostimulants symposium 2022

EFCI Register was very happy to participate in the IVA Biostimulants 2022 to provide attendees with more information on the new Fertilising Products Regulation 2019/1009 and how they can get their Biostimulants certified. The symposium, organised by the Industrieverband Agrar, was attended by many companies active in the Biostimulant space in Germany. 

The sympsium titled "Biostimulants - A valuable building block in crop production" took place physically in Kassel - after having been purely remote for two years, due to the corona pandemic. More than 150 participants discussed online and offline the definition, delimitation and regulation of biostimulants. EFCI Register chairman Giel Tettelaar was present at the symposium to present practical guidance on how manufacturers can get their Biostimulants certified. 

More information on the symposium can be found by clicking here.

You can find the full slides and presentation in the video link below: