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EFCI Register is officially a Notified Body for the FPR 2019/1009

EFCI Register is a non-profit organization and part of EMCI Register (Nando 2832). EFCI Register is proud to announce it has been officially Notifiied by the Dutch Notfying authority, The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, as a Notified Body for the FPR 2019/1009. 

EFCI Register was founded based on calls by industry and accreditation bodies that there was a lack of Notified Bodies for the FPR 2019/1009, which is due to go into force on 16th of July 2022. Hearing this call we spoke with relevant associations and investigated the procedures required for FPR certification. Assessing that FPR was largely a document based certification process, and that several experts were available in the market who could perform these audits, we believed our style of certification (100% online, focus on efficiency) would be ideally suited to the FPR. As there were no Notified Bodies there was also no preconceived notion of how to go about certification. This meant we could start from scratch and build the certification process around our strengths.

We believe in doing certification differently, keeping short lines with our clients through a personal approach, and focusing on efficiency religiously. Product certification is a sector dominated by ancient institutions relying on their name to install a sense of trust and moving at the speed of a super tanker. In contrary to this we try to run EFCI Register, in so far as accreditation permits, through a startup mentality. Embracing the core philosophies that this entails (embrace new ideas, react/move quickly, automate & innovation, passion, collaboration, and a healthy dose of pragmatism). Where we stand out is that we are able to do all of this, and have 0 non-conformities for the last 3 years in a row during our RvA ISO 17065:2012 audits for our other scopes. We dont just preach that we are reliable because we have been operating for 100 years, we prove it day in day out.

We look forward to working with all parties in order to ensure that the FPR 2019/1009 is a success and that certification provides added value, ensures fertilisiers are safe for use, and does not provide unecesary burden to industry. 

Do you have a product that requires FPR certification or know a colleague that does? Please reach out to us using notifiedbody@fertilizer-certification.eu. We will be happy to answer all questions you have about us and issue you all the information necessary to make a decision or to respond to your comments. We look forward to get in touch personally!

You can read the official Notification by clicking here.