s EFCI Register | Notified body for FPR 2019/1009 | Marcel van de Veen

Marcel van de Veen

Owner Bootkeuring Friesland

Marcel is inspector with EMCI Register.

My name is Marcel van der Veen and I am an inspector with EMCI Register. Recreational watersports have been in my blood since a young age. My educational background is in maritime engineering. After working for a few years in hydraulics and transitioned to the recreational craft sector. 

I spent my first few years in the maritime sector as an independent technician after which I studied to become a surveyor for recreational craft. These last few years I have worked as an independent surveyor and expert in recreational craft's working under the name Bootkeuring Friesland, located in Lemmer, the Netherlands. 

From 2020 I am also an inspector with EMCI Register. Doing this was a logical next step for me. CE Certification has become an increasingly important part of recreational crafts. All recreational crafts brought onto the market after 1998 fall under the jurisdiction of the RCD. Understanding these rules is thus crucial when active in the recreational craft sector. Through my work as an expert, surveyor, and inspector I can perfectly combine my understanding of recreational craft's and my love for boating. Furthermore working in this field is a great combination of technical matters and communication with clients and fellow recreational craft professionals. When I am not working you will often find me on the water with my own sailboat, a Phantom 32.