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Diederick van Wijk

Owner at Van Wijk yacht expertise

Get on board and sail out of the harbour. As a proud owner of a new ship you want to get sailing immediatly. Van Wijk Jachtexpertise understands this love.


The owner of Van Wijk Jachtexpertise is Diedericht van Wijk. Boating is his passion and you will regularly find him on the water. Diederick possesses a large body of knowledge in the fields of technical assessments, purchase, and the rules that apply to recreational craft. 

Using his years of experience and expertise Diederick performs thorough inspections throughout the entire vessel. Diederick has been associated with EMCI Register since 2019 and is active as inspector for recreational craft in the Netherlands and beyond. 


The finding of non-conformities is one thing, communicating them is another. During a CE inspection non-conformities will be clearly communicated including their root cause (from which harmonized standard they stem) and this will all immediately be presented in a clear and manageable checklist. 

At Van Wijk Jachtexpertise and EMCI Register trust and server are core principles. This starts at the first moment of contact and will lead to a sustainable and productive relationship.